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SearchSEOMaximum Exposure "Automated SEO”

StopStop Paying for crappy hard to set up tools or paying someone to do it for

LayerThis is all you will ever need to generate a tremendous amount of traffic back to your sales page, landing page, content or website.

AuthorWe even make you an author when you post with us not a contributor of Social Buzz Conect creating instant authority to anyone finding your content…

CalendarWe even do a daily scan of your website and sitemap for any changes to your content or new url's and automatically send it all over the internet and to social bookmarking sites

Tools-CostOther systems and tools cost a lot and usually take up to much of your time. Not Social Buzz Connect spend only 30 minutes a day and get results you never thought were possible

MobileYour content will automatically be displayed in categories on the home page of the Social Buzz Connect News Blog and mobile app getting you seen all over the internet.

Money-bagGet more traffic, ultimately helping you make more money…

MaximumGain maximum exposure for all your articles, posts, events, and videos by simply using the push of a button to the Social Buzz Connect and Viral Blog Machine Network including our company Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and Instagram pages, along with submissions to 1000's of social bookmarking sites and online directories. This will save you hours and hours of work and bring you in a ton of traffic.

submitWe will submit your content to 1000's of High authority social bookmarking sites including Pligg, PHP Dug, Scuttle and Directories to help your content get ranked high in the search engines. This will ensure you get serious traffic!

SubmittingJust by simply submitting your content to Social Buzz Connect we will publish it to our vast network

ConnectLogin to Social Buzz Connect and connect all your social networks, blogs, sales pages and website

With one push of a button this beast will create targeted traffic by submitting your content to 1000's and 1000's of high authority sites all over the internet shadow-ornament

The Features Don't Stop There

  • I Know You Need Original Content. And If You Are Like Me You Scramble To Write A Post.
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